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Are you or is someone you know struggling with academic overwhelm, political despair, or a broken heart? Science tells us that placebos can bring powerful relief. While Placebos Mints dissolve on your tongue, imagine your problems melting away...

DO you or does someone you know Struggle with...

Imposter Syndrome?

  • Some days, does going to work feel like you’re giving a Ted Talk in your underwear?

  • Do you feel like it’s just a matter of time before people realize that you’re under-qualified for the position you’re in?

  • Are you pretty darn competent and accomplished, but you often feel like you don’t know what the heck you’re doing?

Political Despair?

  • Do you find yourself dreaming of moving to Canada?

  • Do you wish our elected leaders could behave better than fifth grade bullies?

  • Are you continually frustrated by the bulls*%$t that happens in Washington?


  • Does the price of eggs these days make you want to hurl eggs at someone?

  • Are you considering cutting your own hair this month so that you can fill your car up with gas?

  • Are you frustrated with how the price of everything seems to be rising higher than a giraffe’s ass? 


  • Do you find yourself fantasizing about moving to the country and herding sheep for a living?

  • Are you less motivated at work than Stanley on The Office?

  • Do you feel like “quiet quitting” or, for that matter, loud as H.E. DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS quitting?

Dawsonville, GA

"Fun product!  They create quite a stir and lots of laughter."


Beaufort, NC

"These are so great.  Mental health rocks!"

Orlando, FL

"The messaging is right on point and makes people laugh."

Post, TX

"Love this product! The light hearted humor makes a fun gift."

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