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Our founder, Merrily Talbott, has been a student of psychology since she was a little girl, often observing people and wondering why they did the things they did. She studied educational psychology at Vanderbilt University and went on to become a teacher, co-founding a K12 school in Colorado.

In 2015, Merrily was interviewing tourists at a Breckenridge, CO ski resort. One visitor she spoke with told her of the altitude sickness she had been suffering from and here's how the conversation went:


  • Tourist:  “But then someone said a Rolaids® would help, so I took one and felt better!”

  • Merrily (out loud):  “Wow, that’s amazing.”

  • Merrily (to herself): “Girl, that wasn’t the antacid tablet that cured your altitude sickness, that was the placebo effect!”   


With 25+ years of counseling experience (on both sides of the couch), Merrily immediately saw the potential in this idea. She figured if she could direct a cultural immersion program, produce musical theatre, organize flash mobs, coordinate weddings, make music videos, and win awards performing a 90-minute monologue, then certainly she could figure out how to make her idea for Placebos mints a reality.

Fast forward to now, and Placebos® mints and gum are sold in more than 300 stores in all 50 states (plus D.C.) What makes our products special is not just the idea that eating a few mints could cure you of whatever ails you, but the education and encouragement we put inside each package. 


When you open our mints or gum, you find an explanation of the placebo effect as well as practical advice for whatever that problem is. This is what we love about our products:  the encouraging messages that can truly help people. And donating a portion of profits to mental health organizations was a no-brainer. 


Having worked for public schools and non-profits most of her life, Merrily is committed to doing what she can to support the important work that these organizations do.   

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A portion of profits is donated to mental health organizations. We contribute to making a positive difference in the field of mental health, specifically with supporting young people in developing effective social-emotional skills.  


We're proud to support Choose Love Movement, an organization born from the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, that teaches children and adults across the country to choose love every day.


To provide a way for people to express support to their friends who are suffering from various negative mindsets. Giving the gift of of Placebos mints says, “I’m with you” in a fun, lighthearted way.

To provide a way for people to practice mindfulness, visualizing the positive benefit they desire and believing it can happen.

To provide practical suggestions for how to handle a variety of issues, reminding people that they are not alone, that there is hope, and that there is action they can take to begin to free themselves of difficulties.

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