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CEO / Founder

Merrily has been a student of psychology since she was a little girl, often observing people and wondering why they did the things they did. She studied educational psychology at Vanderbilt University and went on to become a teacher, co-founding a K12 school in Colorado.

Favorite Placebos:


"Placebos not just a fun gift, but something that could actually help people." ~ Merrily



Blurb about Mama and what she does.


Favorite Placebos:

"Quote from Mama maybe??" ~ Mama Placebos


Packaging & Shipping Manager

Blurb about Elijah

Favorite Placebos:


"Quote maybe." ~ Elijah


MArketing & Operations

Dana does a mix of marketing and operations for Savvy Sweets.


Favorite Placebos: Uncertainty

"I enjoy working at Savvy Sweets because I believe our products make your day a little nicer, drama-free, sillier - whatever you need!  Savvy Sweets promotes positivity, and I'm happy to be a part of it."


~ Dana

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