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Happy Birthday Gum: The Gum that Celebrates You!  


It's not about the gum, it's the idea behind it.  The power of the placebo effect is real.  Use the power of your intention and your belief to give yourself the ability you desire.  In this case, it's the ability to let yourself be celebrated.  


Inside each package, like a fortune cookie, is a sticky note with powerful, truly helpful advice.   Put it up on your mirror and read it every day!


Here's a snippet from the message inside our Birthday gum:  "It's your birthday! You made it this far--Congratulations!  Sometimes it's tough being a human, especially these days.  But you are here and your life matters. If you need help remembering this, sit quietly and chew a piece of this gum and while it has flavor, think of all the things you appreciate about yourself, all the good people in your life, all the ways you might have made a difference for someone, no matter how small... May you find the beauty and love that is your birthright on this day and every day."

Happy BirthdayGum! 3-pack

SKU: PG-009
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