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Procrastination Placebos Mints


Each Placebos Mint tube includes a scroll with practical advice.


From the Advice Inside:


Procrastination is often a symptom of a deeper issue that you haven’t faced yet. Get real with yourself. Ask, “Why am I putting off doing this thing?” Sincerely exploring every possible answer may reveal some important information. Maybe you’ll find that you have signed up to do something that’s truly not authentic for you, something you said you’d do either to please someone else or fulfill some expectation. Maybe you feel alone in the endeavor, and you need to recruit people to do it with you, or at least be in the same room doing their thing while you do yours.


Try journaling about it and see what answers come up. Or find a friend who’s a good listener (or a therapist/counselor) and explore it with them.


And/or take a practical approach: set a timer for 10 minutes and just do the thing you’ve been putting off for that much time. When the time’s up, you can decide to move on to something else or keep going. Often, just getting started is the hardest part, and once you begin, you’ll be on your way to finishing!

Relief from Procrastination 3-Pack

SKU: PM-006
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