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Social Media Placebos Mints


Each Placebos Mint tube includes a scroll with practical advice.


Advice Inside: "The research is in: spending lots of time on social media makes us feel bad, even if we’re not aware that it does. Real life is here to be lived, outside in the fresh air, connecting with people in person. Fun, adventure, friendship, love—all of these are available to you in ways that social media can never provide. Sure, it’s more awkward to lift our heads up from our phones and interact with people and activities in real time, but that’s where the beauty and magic of life is lived. Yes, it takes courage to put yourself out there in the real world, but you will thank yourself for it in the end. Pop one of these mints in your mouth and believe that it will give you the courage to deal with the awkwardness. The encouraging phrase, “chin up!” means “everything will be okay” for a reason. So lift your head up and go live a rich, full life!"

Relief from Social Media 3-pack

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